Composer, Solo Guitar player, Arranger

01.09.2006 – present



Saratov State A.Schnitke Philharmonic

Guitar player at „Volga-Band“ winds orchestra

Solo-concerts with different orchestras in Russia and Kazakhstan from 2008 till present

Endorser of world-famous enterprise „AMT Electronics“ – producer of guitar equipment

1996, 1997

 „Guitar Grafty“ Award



Surgut Express Band

Conductor – Elena Sanina (Surgut, Russia)



2008 – 2013









The Ugra Symphonic Band

Conductor – Anton Yakovlev (Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia)

State Ezhdik Winds Orchestra

Conductors – Artur Bagdasarov / Vadim Vilinov

(Rostov/Don, Russia)

State Winds Orchestra of Republic Kazakhstan

Dirigent – Kanat Achmetov (Kasachstan)

Saratov Symphonic Orchestra

Conductors – Yuriy Kochnev (Saratov, Russia) /

Vadim Polyansky (Moscow, Russia)

„Volga-Band“ winds orchestra

Conductors – Denis Maryev (Saratov, Russia) /

Dennis Fisher (Dallas, the USA)


„String Theory“

Programme for Electroguitar with Orchestra

This programme can be played both with the winds and the symphonic orchestras

The main compositions

Ø  „Petersburg“ (Composer Vakhtang Toreli)

Ø  BRÍD ÓG NÍ MHÁILLE (Composer Vakhtang Toreli / folk-song)

Ø  Flight of the bumblebee  (Rimsky-Korsakov)

Ø  Metallica 84 (Metallica)

Ø  I'm The Hell Outta Here (S.Vai)

Ø  „Chaos Theory“ (James Bonney)

„Classic and Rock“

Programme for Electroguitar with Symphonic or Winds Orchestra

The main compositions

The programme consists of compositions of world-famous rock-bands

Ø  Queen:

-      We will Rock You

-      Bohemian Rhapsody

-      One vision

-      The Show Must Go On

-      Tie your mother down

-      Who Wants to Live Forever

-      Love of my life

Ø  Scorpions:

-      Bid City Nights

-      Hurricane 2000

-      Send me an angel

-      Wind of Change

Ø  Bon Jovi

Ø  Rolling Stones


Some compositions for solo-guitar are played in this programme:

Ø  „Croud Chant“ J.Satriani

Ø  „Metallica“

Ø  „Asturias“ (I.Albenis) – is played in the tepping-technique. Nobody in the world had played this composition in this technique before. This performance was honored „The best Performance of the Year“ in Saratov.

„Russian Rock“

Programme for Electroguitar with Symphonic or Winds Orchestra

The programme consists of compositions of famous russian rock-bands

Ø  Mashina Vremeni (Time Machine)


Ø  Aria

Ø  Zemfira ect.

„The Disco“

The main compositions

The programme consists of world-hits of disco-music


Ø  Ottawan

Ø  Baccara  ect.


2014  present

Instrumental Projekt Vakhtang Toreli –

Soloist, Composer, Arranger

The programme consists of compositions composed by Vakhtang Toreli and of compositions of famous guitar players:

Ø  Boots (Composer Vakhtang Toreli)

Ø  Navigator (Composer Vakhtang Toreli)

Ø  Angel / Footstep (J. Beck)

Ø  Door into the Summer (J. Satriani)

Ø  Whrere whrere you (J. Beck)  

1997  present

Rock-band „heideggershiv“ –

Guitar player, Arranger, Co-Author

The rock-band from Saratov, well-known in the whole Russia. All songs are composed by the band-musicians in post-rock style.

„Heideggershiv“ is winner of famous awards and festivals like „Autograd“, „Rock-Immunity“, „Yellow Mountain“, „Nashestvie“, participant of theatre performance „Cruel Games“ at Saratov Drama-Theatre.


“Space Walk” (Spain)

The band consisted of three musicians from different countries (Argentina, Switzerland, Russia).

Instrumental music of different styles.

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